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Anxiety & Depression

Before I came to Dr. Liang, I had been battling depression for a long time and feeling generally very anxious. I was starting to lose hope that I would ever be able to regain control of my life. After seeing Dr. Liang, her acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs helped me to better cope with my circumstances. I am now a happier person. I also feel healthier in general and now have more confidence. This was not an overnight process. Still, for anyone who has been going through similar circumstances, I want them to know that there is hope and her name is Dr. Feng Liang. She is a wonderful person and an even better Doctor. Dr. Liang knows what she speaks about because she lives it. We need more doctors like her whose aim is to help people who are in need of help but have not found the right doctor. I still have some minor bouts with depression, but without Dr. Liang’s help, I would have been in a very bad place. Thank you Dr. Liang for all that you have taught me!
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Sinusitis (chronic)

I suffered from sinus pressure and whole headaches for years. I never thought that much could be done for it. I was having very painful sinus headaches everyday and taking a lot of antihistamines which gave some relief but they gave me dryness in my mouth and eye as well as low energy . I worried about the side effect that the medicine could hurt my liver if I take them long time. The pain effected my mood and my quality of life. In the past 6 months, I developed the numbness and tingling sensation on my left side of my body. The MRI result is normal for the brain and all of the blood test is normal with western medicine. I did visit 2 acupuncturists and one Chiropractic doctor before I found Dr. Feng Liang. After first time acupuncture treatments with Dr. Feng Liang, the improvement has been dramatic. I felt more energy and the sinus pressure and the whole headache is greatly reduced . After few sessions acupuncture treatments and taking some Chinese herbal medicine, my headache and sinus pressure has gone, as a bonus, I can breath through my nose first time in the last 5 years. The numbness and tingling feeling on my left side body has disappeared . Thanks for Dr. Liang treatment. I could not have imagined ever feeling this good several years ago. Dr. Liang is a true healer, I felt the energy from her needle treatment all over my body and see the tremendous good result each time that I have not got from the other providers . I am very grateful and would highly recommend her treatment to anyone suffering from sinus problem and headache.

Herniated Disc

I had a bad auto accident in early February of 2013. It caused disc herniation on the cervical and lumbar spine. The pain was so bad that I had to take different pain medications including Lyrica, Mobic, Vicodin, and Zanaflex to try to control the pain. These medications made me feel drowsy and fatigued. I found it extremely difficult for me to perform my duties as a nurse in the hospital where I work (especially in the afternoon). I also had 4 Epidural shots to my cervical and lumbar spine. These shots only reduced the pain for about one week at a time and then the pain would come back. I also had Chiropractic and physical therapy. These did little to address the pain I was still having.

After 3 months of struggling with severe pain, I decided to see Dr. Liang. After only the first acupuncture treatment, I felt immediately relief from pain. After 4 acupuncture sessions, my lower back pain and sciatica had disappeared. After an additional 16 visits, my neck, arm, hand, upper back and shoulder pain is under control. I no longer need to take any of my pain pills and felt energized and happy! One years later I am still pain free and amazingly I can shovel the snow again this winter.

Thank you Dr. Liang for your help! I highly recommend Dr. Liang to anyone who is suffering from the same or similar conditions as I once suffered from. You will be amazed by the remarkable improvement in your condition after Dr. Liang’s treatment.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis

When I was at HSS for a checkup with my rheumatologist, a nurse took my blood for the routine check up on the state of my rheumatoid arthritis condition.  The medication I was taking was not helping with severe pain in my hands from my wrists to my fingers.  She recommended you specifically for possible help with my situation, because she already had extraordinary success with your treatment.

The truth is that after only three weeks of your treatment with acupuncture, herbal supplements and a special herbal tea, the pain in my hands disappeared.  We know that continuing treatment is necessary to handle the problem in full, but the quality of my life is restored to the point where I can think in futures.  This isn’t pain management.  It is pain elimination without medication by the utilization of a 7,000 year old philosophy and application of wisdom.

A few other issues were dramatically handled or improved in the same period.  My blood pressure was brought into a healthy range.  Inflammation was dramatically reduced.  Night time urination demands were eliminated.

I look forward to continuing with your treatment and a stable healthy life with a vastly improved sense of well being.

I trust others can be both blessed and restored to a healthier pain free life by virtue of the practice of your healing methods.


After two surgeries and years of suffering with endometriosis, I reached out to Dr. Liang for treatment. That decision most definitely changed my life. Not only were my symptoms hindering my ability to work, exercise, and limiting my overall quality of life, I was frustrated by the treatment options offered by western medicine; pain killers and repeated recommendations to get a hysterectomy or take pills to bring about early menopause at thirty years of age. I decided it was time to try something different.

I will always remember the day I met Dr. Liang. Her warm and professional manner immediately put me at ease, and as she listened intently and responded with answers that made sense, I could see that medicine was a calling for her and not just a career. After our initial consultation and examination, Dr. Liang stated simply and confidently that she could successfully treat my illness.

Though I was nervous about having acupuncture for the first time, I found it to be painless, the sensation of the healing power from the needles went through my whole body and I actually fell asleep listening to soothing music during the treatment. Along with acupuncture, Dr. Liang created a unique Chinese herbal remedy for treating my condition. After just a few weeks I was amazed to find I had no pain with my period. As more time passed, not only did I continue to have pain free periods, but related symptoms like headache, anxiety, insomnia and depression also disappeared. Dr. Liang was indeed treating the cause of my illness rather than the symptoms. New possibilities opened up for my life as a result of her competent and thorough treatment.

I urge anyone suffering from this disease, to consult Dr. Liang. It will be one of the best decisions you ever made, and you will wonder like I did, why you didn’t make the call sooner.

Cervical Spondylosis

I am writing this letter to thanks for Dr. Feng Liang’s excellent work on my cervical spine spondylolysis problem.

On Jan . 2010, I developed a severe pain on my right arm and few days later the pain spread to my right side of chest , back and even involved with the right leg. The pain were so severe that affect my daily life terribly, I can not sleep well, get up and lie down on the bed as well as go to bath room need my husband’s assist. I went to my PCP and had every things checked up , but the tests came back with all normal result. The doctor suggested me to take some pain killer and I started to take Advil 6 tablets per day. But the Advil did not seems help a lot. I started developing the numbness sensation on my right hand fingers. I was so frustrated and afraid of I could have some severe nerve system disease. One friend used to be Dr. Liang’s patient highly recommended Dr. Feng Liang to me, I called her immediately. After she heard about my complain through the phone, she suggested me to go to Orthopedics doctor and check out the cervical spine problem for she highly suspicious that my pain could caused by the cervical spine disease. I did the cervical spine x-ray on the late of January and the x-ray showed I had the severe cervical spine spondylolysis which is a degenerative disease on the cervical spine and some arthritis change on the cervical spine. All of my pain on the arm, chest, back and leg was caused by that. I was amazed by Dr. Liang’s diagnostic skill because I did not feel any neck pain at that time and no other doctor can diagnose me. My PCP suggested me to take steroid shot on the cervical spine and I said that I will fly to New York to meet Dr. Liang and get the acupuncture treatment.

It was such a pleasure to meet Dr. Liang. She is very professional, kind and confident doctor and have tremendous compassion heart to her patient. After 3 sessions treatment, the pain was released up to 50%. I received total 15 sessions treatment at her office in New York and came back to Maryland with no pain. Dr. Liang recommended me taking some Chinese herbs to prevent the further spine degenerative change and I take the herbs since then.8 months later after the acupuncture treatment ,I do not have any flare up with the pain.

I am really grateful for Dr. Liang’s treatment and her medical expertise. I hope my experience will benefit others who suffers from the similar condition.


I have struggled with headaches/migraines for the past 4 years and have not known were to turn. The neurologist recommended that if I did not want to take daily prescription migraine drugs to see an acupuncturist. Being skeptical and uncertain as to where I would find a good one, I waited. But the day came when my sister told me she had found a really great acupuncturist. Trusting my sister I called Dr. Liang and met with her. Immediately, I could tell she was the real deal (not to mention a doctor as well). She knows her stuff and wants to see results just as much as you do. I was amazed when I felt relief that very first week! Over the past three months, the acupuncture along with Dr. Liang’s Chinese herbs, have helped alleviate my headaches significantly. I might get a headache or two during menstruation but it is much less intensity and I can deal with that. I was having headaches an average of 3-4 times a week prior to Dr. Liang’s treatment.
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Liang and have a sincere appreciation for the miraculous affects of Dr. Liang’s acupuncture.


As a long time migraine sufferer I have tried it all: eating certain foods, not eating certain foods, sleeping more, sleeping less, over 5 preventative medicines (taken everyday), over 10 onset medications, journaling to find the common thread, massage therapy, and the list goes on. I even tried acupuncture once before but it actually gave me migraines. After almost 20 years of suffering with migraines at least 4 times a month (and only being 26) I decided to try acupuncture again but this time with Dr. Liang. From the 1st meeting I knew it was going to be different than the last acupuncturist. She explained why I get migraines and that I am tired all the time (which was true) and how it is related without me telling her anything she just looked at my tongue and knew. I am only half way through my treatment and I see a significant improvement. I have only had a few headaches but none nearly as bad as usual AND some months I have had none, which for me was unheard of. I am looking forward to my continued treatment and am confident it will only continue to get better and better. Dr. Liang is an expert in her field and has helped me tremendously!

Graves’ Disease

Before going to Dr. Feng Liang, my Graves Disease symptoms yo-yoed back and forth with hair loss, weight fluctuation, tremors, and an elevated heart rate. But with regular visits for acupuncture and taking natural Chinese herbs, my Graves has gone into remission( treatment only takes 6 months to get this result ). My fear of having to have surgery to remove my thyroid, or of having to drink nuclear iodine to kill off my thyroid and then have to take medication everyday for the rest of my life… those fears have diminished. I will continue to have acupuncture to help maintain my body’s healthy functioning to and keep my Graves at bay– and without meditation and surgery. I chose Dr. Feng Liang because of her knowledge of Graves. She helped me with Graves but she has also helped me with my allergies, sinusitis, and headaches. I highly recommended Dr. Liang’s treatment to anyone who wants to have a safe, efficient and healing result with Graves disease.

Graves’ Disease

I was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2007 and my previous doctor had prescribed Tapazole- 5mg daily and I took it since them. In 3 years taking this medicine, dark spot started appearing on my neck and face, I developed insomnia, gained weight, felt fatigue all the time. Until losing the hair seriously, I decided to search other source of treatment. I found Dr. Feng Liang from my health insurance provider list in June 2010 and started acupuncture and Chinese hers treatment from there. With my first acupuncture treatment I felt energy flow through me. The dark spot gradually disappeared, the hair loss stopped, the energy become good and I start to exercise more and loss some weight . I have not taking any medicine that my doctor prescribed before for almost 10 months and my blood test came back with normal result ( negative for Graves disease ). I was also diagnosed with plantar Fasciitis ( pain in my heel ). I received twice steroid shot with in 3 months but the heel pain keeping come back quickly. After receiving electro- acupuncture from Dr. Liang, I felt instant relief from the heel pain. With in less than one year acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment , I felt better and healthier . Thanks to Dr. Liang’s help, I am very happy for I know that I am on the road of recovery.

Acid Reflux

On the 10th November 2011 I started treatment with Dr. Liang. I dealt with Acid Reflux off/on for over 5 years. I tried over the counter medication, dieting, exercise, and home remedy, but none works for me. Then the symptoms got worse, that I double over from the burning sensation from my stomach to my chest, It affect my sleep at night and felt sluggish all the time. I sought help from a gastroenterologist who performed 2 endoscopies because my stomach was too acidic. I was put on Omeprazole for almost one year but felt very little relief. I sought Dr. Liang for a back pain condition and happened to mention about my reflux problem. She state that she could help. I was immediately put on Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment. The next day I truly felt a difference in my stomach, so much that I discontinued the Omeprazole that evening till present time. I haven’t felt better like this for 5 years, I sleep well at night now, my energy is increasing and I haven’t had an Acid Reflux episode.

Thanks to Dr. Liang, I still continue to see her for other matters and will continue to do so. I advise anyone to require her services which are very efficient and safe. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in her field, very compassionate and understanding to her patient. I am very pleased to call her my doctor!

Candida (chronic yeast infections)

Dr. Feng Liang cured my chronic yeast infections due to Candida overgrowth in my body. I struggled with this condition for six months and tried several over-the-counter and prescription medications from my gynecologist. None of these methods worked permanently & there were side effects that made me feel worse. I finally decided try acupuncture & herbal therapy as an alternative treatment. I was very pleased when after only one month my symptoms were greatly improved. In two months, the infection was gone completely & did not recur. This was my first time trying acupuncture & I did not experience any side effects from her herbal remedies either. Dr. Liang is very professional, knowledgeable & compassionate. I would highly recommend her excellent services to anyone seeking good health.

Herniated Disc – Back Pain

I have been going to Dr. Feng Liang for close to 13 years. Before I went to her I had a bad back that acted up frequently. 13 years ago, I developed my third herniated disk on the lumbar spine and I began treatment with Dr. Liang when it was still acute. Dr. Liang was able to stop the pain of that herniated disk in just 3 weeks and now I see her once a month for a “tune up” and my back has not acted up once in the 13 years. I just wish I had gone to see her years earlier.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be helped by acupuncture.

I have been an R N for more than 30 years. When I came to Dr Feng Liang I had no strength. I was dragging myself with great difficulty to work and then home – always heavy with fatigue, my bones and joints aching and old. Sleep did not refresh me.

More than 5 years I suffered this. My world became ever smaller until I was nearly home-bound. I was diagnosed with EBV – Epstein-Barre Virus, a condition commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for which there is no therapeutic remedy, giving me no hope but to go on diminished and diminishing, fragile and sad, without pleasure in my life. Anti-depressants I took had no effect, there was good reason for my sadness – I was without hope.

Until, in January 2011 I met Dr Liang. Her gentle, very skilled hands broke through opening unseen dams- the Life Force, so long blocked, began to flow again.

From my first treatment I felt Life begin to bloom where there had been no life. As a spring long blocked by debris, when freed of these blocks, the force of life began again to flow, a miracle – a blessing.

I wake now mornings feeling alive, ready to see what life brings in the new day. I have hope again, I can make plans and join my friends again, and even travel!

This blessing from God through Dr Liang, for which I am each day grateful, as one come back from near death must be.

If you are reading this while in need of healing, don’t waste another day, call her, Dr Liang can open the doors for you too. Have hope.

Sincerely, Martha McDonald June 2011

Plantar Fasciitis

When I was first diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, a pain in my heel that made every step painful, the podiatrist told me that pain reduction medication, a special padding in my shoes, and shots of steroids might help me feel less pain. He left me with an impression that I will be visiting his office for the rest of my life. I did not want to get a steroid shot and took the prescribed ibuprofen. In a few day, feeling hardly better, I have decided to visit Dr. Feng Liang’s office and consult her, thinking that perhaps there is a different approach to resolving my painful problem. After a consultation and treatment with acupuncture twice a week for 3 weeks, my pain disappeared and I have not had any for 8 months already, despite the fact that I am actively hiking every weekend and walk over very uneven terrain, whereas before I could not take a step without feeling pain on an even surface at work. I have not seen my podiatrist since, and am very glad that I am not taking ibuprofen for the rest of my life. I just feel lucky that everything worked out so well, and really thank Dr. Feng Liang for her skills and many years of experience.


What price can you put on good health? I first went to see Dr. Feng Liang when my daughter was in pre-school in 2004; she had a cough for well over two months. We tried everything we could find to control the coughing. Dr. Liang’s small Tea Pill Herbs cured her after only one week of use, it was truly amazing, and we were sold. My wife has had Lupus, hypertension, insomnia, & bouts of anxiety cured, or under control using Dr. Liang’s acupuncture and herb formulas. I’ve had Bell’s palsy, severe airborne & food based allergies, and numerous skateboard related injuries healed by using her TCM techniques. As a family, with a flight attendant as the matriarch, we deal with a lot of germs from her flying, and Dr. Liang’s herbs help us stay healthy in a tremendous way.

Dr. Liang is a healer (rare among health care practitioners). She is sympathetic, knowledgeable in Eastern & Western Medicine, funny, intelligent, supportive, and gracious. I would highly recommend her to anyone with an open mind.

Asthma & High Blood Pressure

I’m seventy five years old and a patient of Dr Feng Liang for at least the last fifteen years. In that time, she has cleared my recurring asthma, restored my weakening kidney function to normal, cleared chronic prostatitis and high blood pressure, and restored my libido to a level close to my younger years. I have the energy to dance salsa for three hours or more regularly when I choose, and I’m virtually free of colds and flu. In short, her treatment with herbs and acupuncture has made it possible for me to maintain a full and youthful life style at this age. I highly recommend her.

Genital Herpes

I went to Dr. Liang to treat my first (and hopefully last) outbreak of Genital Herpes. I am married to a Herpes Simplex 2 carrier and after many years and never having been infected, I contracted an intense case of Herpes. I knew that my doctor’s method of treating my outbreak would not cure me so I turned to Dr. Liang as I believed that alternative medicine could cure me and not simply treat the symptoms. I read that it could take weeks and longer to get rid of the lesions and the pain.

Dr. Liang treated me with Chinese herbs and acupuncture and within 4 days my outbreak was completely gone. She showed great compassion while treating me, listened to me and supported me during the treatments. But most importantly, she gave me the confidence to understand that Herpes is not a life sentence.

I have been taking her herbs for 4 weeks now and plan to continue until Dr. Liang feels my immune system is strong enough again.

I don’t know if there is anyone who can treat Herpes so effectively and quickly, but I would like others to know that Dr. Liang is an incredibly compassionate doctor who has effectively treated my Herpes and she will do the same for you. I would recommend Dr. Liang to my family and friends her for almost any condition that their doctor cannot address. She is outstanding!

Read about Dr. Liang’s successful treatments of Genital Herpes using Chinese herbs and Acupuncture and also read her Genital Herpes Case Studies.

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