HPV Treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

I can’t imagine how horrible a woman feels when she gets the news from her gynecologist that her pap smear test result reveals that there is a high risk of the HPV virus. When there are abnormal cells or precancerous cells found in the cervical area, these are indications that the patient has the HPV virus. HPV virus infection is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by human papilloma virus. If not treated on time, it can lead to cervical cancer.

HPV Treatment with Acupuncture

There are a few treatments that can be performed in a GYN’s office if a woman has developed precancerous cells in the cervical region. Unfortunately, there are no drugs approved for curing the HPV virus. However, doctors may do a surgical procedure, such as Cryotherapy, Conization, or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) to remove the abnormal growth (i.e. wart or precancerous cell growth area). But those treatments only remove the affected area tissues. They do not remove or kill the virus.

The good news is that after the initial infection, 80% of patients can go into remission by themselves after one or two years. But 20% of patients will develop precancerous cells if treatment is neglected and cervical cancer can develop. Cervical cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and it is the number two cancer cause of death for women.

HPV virus also can cause genital warts. It can be painful for some women, especially when sexually active, and it can be extremely contagious.

HPV virus infection rarely shows symptoms in men and there is no test for men to determine if they are infected with HPV. Only women can be screened by doing Pap smear tests annually.

I have searched hard in the past 14 years to find an effective treatment of HPV through Chinese medicine to help the 20% of women to go into remission naturally. I am proud to say that I have obtained very successful results.

Patients that have been told that they need to be treated by LEEP surgery have come to me seeking an alternative treatment. After 3 to 4 months of my treatment, the test results in these patients have shown that the cervical area cells have returned to normal and no virus can be detected. If you are considering my treatment, you should plan on a 4 to 6-month treatment.

What is the secret of my treatment? Number one is to boost immunity. The immune system is a very powerful system which can protect our body from virus infection. It will kill the virus. Number two is to use a Chinese herb named Herba Sarcandrea to kill virus directly. For genital warts, I have created a herbal remedy that makes the warts fall off in 2 to 3 weeks.

I also use acupuncture treatment which has the same goal as Chinese herbs. I discovered one acupuncture point that can make our immune system kill the virus quickly. It is also a very effective for removing toxins and boosting immunity. Patient should use a combination of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat viruses.

I have helped many women regain their health from HPV infection. In the last 10 tears, I have also used the same modality to help people who were affected by herpes virus infection: HSV 1 and HSV 2 . I have helped countless patients regain their health with no outbreak and a return to a normal life.

If you suffer from HPV infection or herpes virus infection, Chinese medicine is a viable alternative treatment because it strengthens your immune system. It is the strengthening of your immune system plus Herba Sarcandrea, that can directly kill the virus, that works effectively. My treatment is all natural, safe, and most importantly, it is effective. To make an appointment to see Dr. Liang, please call (212) 779-0468 or click here to fill out our appointment form.