Acupuncture for Arthritis

Most people who consider acupuncture for arthritis consider this ancient treatment either because the treatment prescribed by their doctor has not been very effective (i.e. they are still living with pain on a daily basis) or they are unhappy with the side-effects from the medications prescribed for them. If you are one of these people, or you are considering acupuncture and Chinese herbs as an alternative treatment for arthritis, we are happy to tell you that Dr. Feng Liang has been very successful in treating patients who have arthritis.

Gil Winter from Manhattan came to Dr. Feng Liang for his Rheumatoid Arthritis. Please read his Rheumatoid Arthritis testimonial here on How Dr. Liang’s treatment changed his life.

Acupuncture for ArthritisDoctors who practice western medicine are first and foremost concerned with reducing pain and inflammation and improving the function of the joints that are being affected by the arthritis. Depending on the severity of the arthritis, a doctor may recommend an injection into the joint of a corticosteroid to ease the pain and stiffness. Most doctors will prescribe a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as Aleve® or an over the counter (OTC) medication containing acetaminophen such as Tylenol®.

There are issues with both treatments that most arthritis sufferers are well aware of. In the instance of corticosteroid injections, they are incredibly painful and the benefits are very short lived. In the instance of NSAIDs and OTC drugs, they can only be taken in limited quantities (due to their very negative impact on the liver), they do not completely eradicate the pain, and they do not heal the underlying causes and condition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches arthritis in a very different way from western medicine. A Chinese doctor does not simply reduce inflammation in the affected area(s), they treat the whole body. To do this, a Chinese medicine doctor first evaluates the person’s overall health. In this diagnoses, the doctor determines what the arthritis is caused by. Chinese medicine believes that arthritis is caused by wind, cold, heat, dampness, or any combination of these. This causes inflammation in the joints. A Chinese doctor must remove these to treat arthritis.

What Advantages Does TCM Have Over Western Medicine?

  • There are little to no side-effects with acupuncture & Chinese herbs.
  • Relief is immediate and lasts long-term.
  • Pain from arthritis can be completely eliminated by acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and exercise.

Can Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Cure My Arthritis?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs cannot cure arthritis. However, acupuncture can reduce and even eliminate the pain resulting from arthritis and improve the function of your joints. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can also stop further damage to the joints.

During her 2+ decades of practice, Dr. Feng Liang has successfully used a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat patients who have arthritis. Dr. Liang would be very happy to meet with you to discuss your condition as well as provide you with testimonials from patients she has successfully treated. Please note that acupuncture for arthritis is covered by some insurance companies.