Order Organic, Macrobiotic and Gluten-Free Foods Online

For those of you who can’t always find organic, Macrobiotic or gluten-free foods when shopping, and for those who simply prefer to order online, we would like to recommend the Gold Mine Natural Food Co.

Gold Mine Natural FoodsI have been shopping from Gold Mine on and off again for the last 20+ years. Years ago, when I was eating Macrobiotically, even though there was a great place in lower Manhattan that use to have a great selection of Macro supplies, once I moved to Brooklyn, making the trip to shop there was a bit of a pain. So I started to order my Macro supplies online.

Gold Mine was a great place for me to source not only Macro foods, but they offered Ohsawa brand products. The Ohsawa brand is well known to people who eat Macro and organic foods from Japan.

With so many people having to eat Gluten-free now, Gold Mine is also a wonderful online resource to shop at.

Gold Mine Raw SauerkrautI would like to personally recommend their homemade sauerkraut. This is not that dreadful stuff that you get at the dirty dog stand on most corners. This is freshly made kraut that has live enzymes. By eating this kind of sauerkraut, you can dramatically improve your digestion as the kraut introduces healthy bacteria into your system. This healthy bacteria naturally exists in our systems and is responsible for healthy digestive systems. Unfortunately, due to certain types of medications, and not consuming healthy foods, our digestive systems lack the ability to properly digest food. This leads to all kinds of health issues. Eating Gold Mine’s sauerkraut will help bring your digestive system back to a natural state.

Please be sure to visit the Gold Mine website and try one of their home-made jars of sauerkraut.

Thank you Gold Mine for offering foods that are good for us!