New York City Acupuncturist Dr. Feng Liang Talks About Her Techniques

With so many New York City acupuncturists, Dan Globus interviewed Fifth Avenue Acupuncture & Herbs Center Director Dr. Feng Liang to find out what makes her treatment methods so different and why her treatments have been so successful when other acupuncturists have not achieved the same results.

Q: As there are so many New York City acupuncturists and practitioners offering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services, what makes your treatment methods so different?

A: After many years practicing medicine (three decades), particularly practicing acupuncture, I discovered one phenomenon. A practitioner’s energy plays a very important role in the treatment of a patient’s condition. As a good practitioner, we not only should have a solid education foundation, we should have a compassionate heart toward patients , obtain and keep a good constitution by our self, and making sure that our energy is balanced and positive is also very important. When we give an acupuncture treatment, we should transfer the right energy and sensation to our patient. Once a practitioner’s technique come to this level, the results that a patient achieves will be remarkable.


Q: Some people say that they have not had much success with other acupuncturists. What would you tell a potential patient who tells you this?

A: I have been asked by several patients ‘You used the same acupuncture points as the last acupuncturist that I visited, but I did not feel the same. Your treatment made me feel much better.’ Others have asked ‘Is this the real way I should feel after an acupuncture treatment? I have never felt this way before when I had acupuncture. I notice something is moving or traveling in my body. It soothes me, improves my mood and calms my mind. Why is this?’  I tell my patient “What you feel during the treatment is the healing power from acupuncture needles. My technique is like lighting a fire on each needle. I produce and transfer the healing power to you. If you do not feel the healing power, I will not walk out the door until I have made sure that you have started to heal.”


Q: Can any person who obtains a degree in acupuncture achieve the same results as you have?

A: The technique I use cannot be learned in any acupuncture school. It requires many years of practice and it requires a special energy that only comes from within a practitioner. It is a gift. Once you meet this kind of practitioner, you will know it.  Only when you experience this will you appreciate how special these practitioners are and how rare they are to find.


Q: What would you like to tell people who are seeking help for their health conditions?

A: I have a very special energy that can inspire and guide people. This is my gifted talent and personality.


Locating an acupuncturist in New York City is a very easy task. However, locating a truly gifted and talented traditional Chinese medicine doctor like Dr. Liang is not easy.

Dr. Feng Liang has had several patients write wonderful testimonials about their experiences and success via Dr. Liang’s treatments. These testimonials cover treatments for various conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis, cervical spine spondylolysis, migraines, headaches, Graves disease, acid reflux,  Candida and chronic yeast infections, herniated disk, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, plantar fasciitis, asthma, and high blood pressure. Please read these testimonials here.