Can herpes virus infection be cured?

In 12 years of treating herpes infection, I have only had 2 patients cured. I believe that the reason for the low rate of curing herpes infection is due to patients not choosing my treatment protocols at the initial infection phase. However, I have had great success in controlling and eliminating outbreaks.

What can we do for the Covid-19 pandemic?

As a Chinese medicine practitioner with 35 years of practice experience, I would like to share some personal experiences and knowledge on how to prepare ourselves to return to work, what we can do to prevent contracting Covid-19, and what we should do if we show symptoms. I will also explain how we use TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) to deal with certain psychological disorders including anxiety and depression.

Doctor, I do not have a diagnostic disease, but I am not well. Please help.

How many people experience that they do not feel well for a period of time, but all they have from their doctor’s visit, physical examination, blood tests and other tests came back normal? They have been pronounced healthy even through they are undergoing a lot of symptoms and signs of illness.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herb Health Solutions for Those Who Have Lost Hope

There are many people in New York City and surrounding areas that have health conditions that are making them feel like they have lost all hope of ever getting better. These people may have been treated by other physicians with medications and/or therapies for some time yet their condition has barely improved.