Does Your Doctor Take The Time to Discuss Health Issues with You?

One of the biggest complaints people make about their doctors is that they have to sit in a waiting room for 1-2 hours and then once they finally see their doctor, they feel like he/she doesn’t spend much time with them. Unfortunately, the reality is that most doctors are so overbooked, that they cannot afford to spend more than a few minutes with their patients and have that doctor patient relationship that once existed. Is this the doctor’s fault for overbooking? Is this a mismanagement of time? Is this due to an overzealous office manager who books as many patients as possible? All of these are possibilities. However, you, the person who goes to his/her doctor to discuss their health issues and concerns, is not being given sufficient time to discuss these concerns and issues.

Patient Discussing Her Health Concerns with Her DoctorGoing back 20 or so years, doctors were able to spend much more time with their patients then they do now. This was very important for patients because not only did this give a patient enough time to allow the doctor to look closely at the reason why the person was in his/her office, it served two additional purposes.

It allowed the doctor to see if there were any underlying issues contributing to the reason for the patient’s visit and it also allowed the doctor to get a better handle on the patient’s overall health. During one of these visits, a doctor might find out that the patient was not sleeping well, was under excessive stress, and maybe even drinking a bit too much because of some personal issues.

The other purpose was to allow the patient to speak openly about some issues that may be affecting the patient’s life. At one time, doctors also served as the person whom you could open up to about various issues. People felt comfortable enough to discuss issues such as loss of sexual appetite, depression, binging, increased consumption of alcohol and/or use of other substances, and more.

Today’s TCM Doctors Treat Patients Like Doctors Did Years Ago

Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors like Dr. Feng Liang have stepped in to become the doctor that once existed. They take the time to sit and talk with their patients to find out “how they feel”. They develop relationships with their patients that allow patients to feel at ease discussing delicate subjects. This is extremely important as there are very few patients who are willing to open up in initial visits to disclose personal issues that may be having a very negative impact on their lives.

With the additional time spent with their patients, TCM doctors like Dr. Liang develop very special relationships with their patients. Dr. Liang educates her patients with the latest information on alternative medicine, diet, nutrition, and physical activity.  It is this special relationship that Dr. Liang treasures more than anything else as she has a great compassion for her patients and wants to do anything in her powers to make patients well and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Dr. Feng LiangWhen is the last time that your doctor spent 15 or more minutes with you to find out how you were feeling and to find out how your life is going? Can’t remember the last time? Your doctor never did this?

Your doctor serves a very valuable place in your healthcare. We would never suggest that you stop seeing your doctor because they do not have enough time in their schedules to talk with you. However, you may find that Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors like Dr. Feng Liang can serve an incredibly important role in both your physical and mental health care.

Are you curious what Dr. Liang may be able to do for you that your doctor is not doing for you at this moment? Are your curious about acupuncture and Chinese herbs? Schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Liang and your life may be dramatically improved.