Doctor, I do not have a diagnostic disease, but I am not well.Please help

How many people experience that they do not feel well for a period of time, but all they have from their doctor’s visit, physical examination, blood tests and other tests came back normal? They have been pronounced healthy even through they are undergoing a lot of symptoms and signs of illness.

If you are one of them, you are not alone. The symptoms can be but not limited: weight gain around the abdomen, inability to loss weight, constipation, fluid retention- swollen in hands or feet or lower legs, abdominal bloated, bad breath, heart burn, foggy mind, poor memory, low energy, hair loss, vertigo, dizziness or lightheaded, often headache, anxious, irritation, edginess, nerviness, craving for sweetness, chronic upper back, shoulder and neck muscle pain or spasm, frequent skin breakout with rushes, difficult fall to sleep, frequent wake up during the sleep, frequent night urination, frequent catching up with Flu or cold , cold hand or feet, dry or itchy skin, frequent vaginal yeast infection.
The good news is there are helps for you. It is the time that you should seek for alternative treatment to take care your health rather than sit and wait for pathology diagnose which means your symptoms and signs of sickness finally developed to a disease.
Western medical doctors are trained by following the pathology diagnose, either blood test or X-ray, CT – scan, MRI, sonogram, and many others. Once people have the pathology changes show up on those tests, then doctors start treat patient with the pathology changes. If not, people most likely not being treated by medicine.
The problem is for some diseases, especially for the early stage of diseases, the diagnostic tests are not sensitive and most likely showed the negative result- in the normal region. Patients suffered from all of the signs and symptoms of ailment, doctors are frustrated with no clue for diagnosing patients. Thus there are many misdiagnoses happen in medical field. One of the common misdiagnosed diseases is thyroid disease. I will address this issue more in next content.
Alternative medicine, for example Chinese medicine, will focus on to address the cause of the symptoms or signs and provide the treatment for the whole body before the diseases occurring. Of cause we treat disease, but we prefer to offer the preventive treatment before the disease is formed.
There is a quote in traditional Chinese medicine: The superior physician helps people before the early bud of the disease. The interior physician begins to help when the disease has already developed.
This quote is from Yellow Emperor’s classic of internal medicine which is a book that was written over 2000 years ago. It talks the heart of Chinese medicine. It means as a doctor, we could help people before the disease developed or detect any earlier signs of disease and do the preventive treatment for people.
How could Chinese medicine achieve this goal? It has to give a huge credit for the diagnose tool in traditional Chinese medicine. As we know that Chinese medical doctors make diagnose through observe the tongue and palpate the pulse on the wrist area.
In TCM- traditional Chinese medicine, we think tongue is the most sensitive organ in our body, it can reflex the inner health condition .It tells us if there are toxins accumulation in our body, what types of toxin? How severe do they affect our health? How do the internal organs function? Which organs are malfunction? The tongue can tell us if we are truly healthy or it can remind us to take care our health to prevent disease development even through people has no signs of illness. The tongue will show us the changes long before the symptoms show up or the diseases develop.
So the tongue diagnose is a great gift from Chinese medicine to human being. Everyone could use this tool to detect and monitor their health condition. In my practice, I always teach my patients how to observe the tongue, when they get better physically, they can see their tongue change to a better shape. I would like to suggest people just go to an experienced Chinese medicine doctor to check out their health condition. If you are healthy, congratulations! If there are some problems, please treat them as early as possible.
For those who have been suffered from many symptoms and not feeling well for a period of time, Chinese medicine-acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine could be the key to open the healthy gate and the solution for you. I can give you many examples when I practice medicine in 3 decades.
Kathy F. 38 years old female who suffered from multiple joints pain for 3 years before she came to my office on July 2009. She had been tested for every possible diagnose, but everything came back normal. Her pain sometimes can be very sharp and made her life very miserable. Almost every small joint on her hands and feet, big joint on elbow, wrist, shoulder, ankle and both knee joints are involved. She developed fatigue, loss appetite, sleepless and hair loss. She had been treated with many prescription medications and she felt those medications did not help her most times. Her doctor finally wanted to put her on steroid medication and she refused. When I exam her tongue, it showed a lot heat toxin and dampness toxin in her body, those toxin deposit in the joints caused the multiple joint inflammation. Her painful joints were swollen and some of the joint area turn to red and felt hot in those painful joints by touch. I performed acupuncture twice a week on her and prescribed Chinese herbal medicine-my special remedy for her. Kathy felt pain release in just 3 weeks. When the treatment continued, her overall health was improved also. 5 months later. Kathy regained the health and can have normal life. In May, 2012, Kathy felt some joints pain on her right hand fingers. She came back to me immediately. I only performed acupuncture once a week for 6 weeks. The pain went away and she is good up to now.
Christine H. 30 years old female with severe fatigue, and occasional swollen on both lower leg for 2 years. Every blood tests were normal include thyroid test and hormone test. Patient was announced physical healthy. When the fatigue got progressively worse, patient could not keep her job. When she came to my office on Oct. 2010, she looked pale and weak. Her voice was low. I noticed that her both hands palm side skin color was very yellow. Her both ankle area and feet was slightly swollen. Her tongue study suggests that Christine could have adrenal fatigue or undergoing hypothyroidism. I started to give Christine acupuncture twice a week and the Chinese herbal remedy for enhance kidney and spleen function. Three months later, Christine’s severe fatigue had gone, the swollen leg had gone, the hand skin yellowish had disappeared. She became a happy and active person again.
Virginia R. 46 years old female who came to my office on April, 2012, suffered from severe dizziness for 2 years. Blood tests, MRI of brain and cervical spine, EKG, all showed normal. She had visited cardiologist, ear/nose/throat specialist, neurologist, no one know what caused her severe dizziness. Of cause no one can really helped her. When I first saw her, she cried and frustrated. She told me I am her last hope. After I checked her carefully in term of TCM method, I told her the dizziness was caused by mucus toxin in her body due to liver and spleen dysfunction. I gave her my secret herbal remedy for treat vertigo and dizziness, and performed acupuncture once a week. Virginia was dizziness free in 2 weeks. The total treatment took 4 weeks to make sure her internal organ can function properly. Meanwhile I requested her go for a special diet base on Chinese medicine theory to make sure her body do not produce mucus. Virginia is in a good health up to now. On May, 2014, she called me once and thanks me again to give her health back. No more dizziness ever since I treated her.
I could give you a long list of case study in here. What I want to tell people is there are many choices to deal with the health issues. When other medicines fell to help you, please give Chinese medicine a try. you may get a remarkable result. Furthermore, Chinese medicine can help people prevent from illness and promote longevity. If you have any health issues or concerns about your health condition, please contact me at 212-779-0468. I will be here to help and assist you to achieve a healthy life.
Dr. Feng Liang