Chinese Herbal Medicine Is a Safe Approach to Treat Disease

Chinese medicine is an extremely effective and safe medicine. It can help most ailments and is especially effective for those who have chronic health conditions and have been ill for a long time. Chinese medicine can be used for a long period of time to allow our body to heal from ailments and disease.

Chinese HerbsChinese herbal medicine is one of the components of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM has been in existence for over 5,000 years. During this time, people have experimented with it and passed their knowledge from generation to generation. Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese medicine had been documented in written form including the experiences and findings to guide Chinese doctors to practice up to today. The current state of Chinese medicine is based upon testing, experience and massive practice on the human body over these thousands of years.

One of the main differences between western medicine and Chinese medicine is that the medications prescribed by western medicine have only been tested for a very short time-period (sometimes as little as a few years) and in some cases only tested on lab animals. In Chinese medicine, the herbs used by doctors have been tested and used for over 5,000 years and they have been tested on humans (not lab animals).

Chinese herbs which we prescribe for patients are naturally non-toxic and very safe for use when prescribed correctly. Any herbs that are toxic to our bodies were excluded from TCM a few thousand years ago. However, for some herbs, which are highly effective in treating certain diseases (that could toxins), Chinese ancestors found ways to prepare those herbs to reduce and eliminate the toxic effect before they can be used in remedies.

Chinese herbs are rarely used individually by themselves. Chinese herbalists combine (compound) the herbs to create a remedy. The compounded herbs will give a remedy an increased effect and eliminate any possible side effects of individual herbs being used by themselves.

As safe as Chinese herbs are, consuming too much of some herbs can have a toxic effect. On the other hand, if the dosage of herbs is not enough, this will not have a positive effect on an illness. This is why I urge patients to only take Chinese herbs under the guidance and supervision of an experienced Chinese herbalist. An experienced Chinese herbalist has many skills and secrets in creating a good herbal formula (i.e. herb selection, combination, dosages, etc.).

The Chinese civilization has survived in part due to this great medicine. Now, Chinese herbal medicine has been spread out and practiced all over the world. It is a great gift to all human beings. It is only a matter of time before people will open their minds to experience the remarkable effects of Chinese medicine. I hope you are the next one to benefit from this ancient medicine. You will not regret it and wonder why you did not try it earlier.