Causes of Candida and How to Treat It

Acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbs and the proper diet can effectively cure Candida. In this blog, Dr. Feng Liang explains what candida is, the symptoms, how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views candida,  and her recommendations on controlling and curing candida.

As defined by Wikipedia, “Candida is a genus of yeasts and is currently the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide.”  Candida is caused by mucus toxins in our body. It can be detected by a trained doctor practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by looking at the coating on the tongue. It appears as “thick and greasy tongue fur”.

Candida’s symptoms include headache, dizziness, numbness, tingling of the limbs, indigestion, stomach bloating, stomach acid reflux, constipation, chronic yeast infection in the vagina, high cholesterol, ovarian cysts, chronic sinus infections, low immunity, fatigue, foggy mind and more.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, mucus toxin is formed by liver dysfunction and spleen or kidney weakness which can affect the fluid metabolism in our body and lead to fluid retention. If someone is not aware of this change and ignores it, eventually mucus toxin is formed in one’s body and Candida is started.

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You can avoid Candida and prevent creating mucus in your body through diet. Eating a diet to avoid this condition is easy to learn, but requires a lot of discipline and will power to follow these principles. The good news is all of my patients can and do make a full recovery and have dramatically better health after becoming educated about a proper diet.

Here are the principles of the diet:

Dietary Factors which Contribute to Mucus or Dampness

The following foods should be completely avoided:

1. cold foods

2. very sweat foods

3. raw foods

4. red meat, dairy products (including milk, cheese, ice cream, margarine, and butter), and the following foods if you eat too much: nuts, avocado, eggs and oil if over taking. oil (high mucus forming foods)

Foods Which Can Dry Mucus

Rye, corn, azuki bean, celery, lettuce. pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, scallions, alfalfa, white pepper, barley, and raw honey.

So we have to avoid the foods which can cause our body produce mucus and do the right things in our diet to keep our body clean and healthy. If you already suffered from some symptoms of Candida, I would suggest that you seek professional help such as going to an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist. Candida may require a period of 4 of 8 weeks (on average) to be removed from our bodies and in some cases may take longer. So please be patient with your treatment.

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Dr. Feng Liang

Dr. Feng Liang