Can herpes virus infection be cured?

In 12 years of treating herpes virus infection, I have only had 2 patients cured from it. Both patients are female and both came to me at the beginning of the infection . The HSV antibody test showed negative result after treatment. The treatment time was 8 to 10 months.

I believe that the reason for the low rate of curing herpes infection is due to patients not choosing my treatment protocols at the initial infection phase. Once the immune system is unable to kill the virus, the virus will quickly multiple in the body and herpes infection recurrence will occur.

For recurring herpes infection, the treatment can help patients to reach a goal of no outbreak. But the blood test HSV1 or HSV2 antibody will not support the cure of herpes infection. This means those test results will remain positive even though there is no outbreak for many years.

The IGG number can remain at a very low level at the herpes virus inactive phase. When the outbreak happened, the IGG number will soar up again.

Most patients came to my practice for frequent outbreaks. However, outbreaks cannot be well-controlled by Western medicine. The reason for this is that patient’s immune system does not function as it should. Among those patients, general well-being is usually poor with inflammation / toxins occurring and accumulating.

My treatment protocol emphasizes the removal of toxins, reduction of inflammation, a boosting of the immune system which will kill the virus. Those 3 steps must be done at the same time in order to show the incredible anti-herpes virus power. Also, patients need to know that the treatment timeframe is from 12 months to 2 years. The reason for requiring a longer treatment time is because herpes virus is stubborn and toxic. A patient’s immune system requires time to build strength and needs time to keep working on killing the virus as well as making the virus inactive.

In the treatment phase, the first 6 or 8 months, patients will experience outbreaks 2-3 times or more. Sometimes, we know the reason (i.e.. stress, emotional trauma, sleep deficiency, menstruation, drinking or smoking). Most of the time, we do not know the reasons. But patients report that the severity of symptoms and outbreak periods are significantly less than before the treatment.

By the time of treatment, patients will reach a level of no outbreak for 12 months or more. During this time, we can consider reducing treatment- reducing dosage or taking less herbs. In the end, patients will continue taking very basic herbs to maintain the result of no outbreak.

I am very happy that I can help many people with herpes infection walk out from the shadow of frequent outbreaks, walk away from the fear of infecting other persons, help them regain the healthy immunity and general well-being, and help them to have normal lives again! It is a double win!

I also hope I may help more people who have the initial outbreak to get cured.

With my knowledge and experience, and patient’s commitment and effort, we will win the battle of treating herpes virus infection!

Dr. Feng Liang