How to Find an Acupuncturist in NYC

Finding a qualified practitioner who offers acupuncture in NYC is not very difficult. A search in Yelp for “acupuncture” in “New York, NY” will yield 1,000 entries for people/businesses offering acupuncture and related services in the 5 boroughs and New Jersey. You can find this many and much more by doing a similar search in Google. So clearly, there is no shortage of people/businesses offering acupuncture in New York.

With so many acupuncturists to choose from, how do you determine who is the best acupuncturist in New York City to entrust your health to?

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Autoimmune Disease Treatments – Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine

Autoimmune disease is viewed and treated very differently by Chinese medicine and doctors as compared to Western medicine and doctors. In this blog, I will explain these differences and how I treat these diseases.

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Why Do We Need To Cook Vegetables?

Note: Many people, especially women, enjoy eating lots of salads that are made from raw uncooked vegetables. I realize that this is a way of eating that makes some people quite happy and these people do not appear to have health issues as a direct result of this. However, for others, eating raw uncooked vegetables can have serious health consequences. In fact, many people find it is impossible to believe that after they have developed health issues, that it is related to their eating these raw vegetable salads. I am not advocating that everyone stop eating salads. This blog is intended to explain from Chinese medicine’s point of view why it is healthier to cook your vegetables than it is to consume them raw. And if you are concerned about losing nutrients from cooking vegetables, you can get just about as many nutrients from cooked vegetables as you can from raw vegetables as long as you do not overcook vegetables.

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Causes of Candida and How to Treat It

Acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbs and the proper diet can effectively cure Candida. In this blog, Dr. Feng Liang explains what candida is, the symptoms, how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views candida,  and her recommendations on controlling and curing candida.

As defined by Wikipedia, “Candida is a genus of yeasts and is currently the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide.”  Candida is caused by mucus toxins in our body. It can be detected by a trained doctor practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by looking at the coating on the tongue. It appears as “thick and greasy tongue fur”.

Candida’s symptoms include headache, dizziness, numbness, tingling of the limbs, indigestion, stomach bloating, stomach acid reflux, constipation, chronic yeast infection in the vagina, high cholesterol, ovarian cysts, chronic sinus infections, low immunity, fatigue, foggy mind and more.

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