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Can herpes virus infection be cured?

In 12 years of treating herpes infection, I have only had 2 patients cured. I believe that the reason for the low rate of curing herpes infection is due to patients not choosing my treatment protocols at the initial infection phase. However, I have had great success in controlling and eliminating outbreaks.

What can we do for the Covid-19 pandemic?

As a Chinese medicine practitioner with 35 years of practice experience, I would like to share some personal experiences and knowledge on how to prepare ourselves to return to work, what we can do to prevent contracting Covid-19, and what we should do if we show symptoms. I will also explain how we use TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) to deal with certain psychological disorders including anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture for Nasal Allergies

Many people suffer from nasal allergies or called hay fever around spring and fall time. Some of them even have symptoms year around. In medical term, it called allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis occur when the body’s immune system overreacts to particles ( allergens ) in the air that people breathe in. Those allergens include pollen, dust, animal fur, and mold. When those allergens enter into our body through breathing, our body’s immune system-white blood cells will produce antibodies like IgE, these antibodies will make the release of histamine by mast cells. Histamine will cause the muscle spasm of the respiratory tract which includes the nasal, ear and eye and people will have running nose, sneeze, watery eye, itchy ear, nose, throat and eye.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Tips

Growth hormone helps us build muscles and speed up metabolism. It keep us young, energetic and stay in shape. Growth hormone will be produced when we sleep. So the regular and sufficient sleep is essential to keep healthy growth hormone level in our body. Acupuncture can improve the sleep quality and relax the whole body.

How Chinese Medicine Views and Treats High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is caused by the inflammation of the artery inner lining. Once the artery is inflamed, the inner layer of the artery, called endothelial lining, becomes swollen and narrows the artery opening. Blood cannot pass through the artery easily. It requires the heart to work harder to push the blood flow through the narrowed artery. This is what causes high blood pressure.