Acupuncture for Nasal Allergies

Many people suffer from nasal allergies or called hay fever around spring and fall time. Some of them even have symptoms year around. In medical term, it called allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis occur when the body’s immune system overreacts to particles ( allergens ) in the air that people breathe in. Those allergens include pollen, dust, animal fur, and mold. When those allergens enter into our body through breathing, our body’s immune system-white blood cells will produce antibodies like IgE, these antibodies will make the release of histamine by mast cells. Histamine will cause the muscle spasm of the respiratory tract which includes the nasal, ear and eye and people will have running nose, sneeze, watery eye, itchy ear, nose, throat and eye.

Allergic rhinitis is often combined with bacteria or virus infection that will leading to sinusitis. It will indicated by yellow or green mucus from nasal pass and headache.

In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe that allergies happened to certain group of people due to their defense systems (which include the respiratory pass, lung and skin) are weakened. When the weather changes, pollen, dust and mold increased and invaded their bodies by skin, mouth and nose, their weakened immune system can not protect them. Their body’s energy is weak, especially in the lung system which refers to nose, throat, air pipe, and lung organ. So Chinese medicine emphasized on strengthen the lung system function to resist the damage, enhance spleen Qi and kidney Qi to build stronger and balanced immune system, in the same time detoxify for the liver to reduce the allergic reaction.

Both acupuncture and certain Chinese herbal remedy can treat and prevent allergies very efficiently.

In my practice for 2 decades, I found some very unique acupoints can patient almost immediately. First I use LI 20 (Ying Xiang), which is one of the most efficient acupoint to open the nasal pass way and drain the sinus. it can restore and strengthen nasal function and against allergic reaction.

Secondary I choose Ex-HN5 (Tai Yang) , Ex-HN4 (Yin Tang) , BL2, and GB14 points for treat nasal disorder. Those points can desensitize the mucus membrane and decreases the amount of secretion. With my needle technique, patient will feel the nasal obstruction be removed in 30 minutes and swollen eyes and itchy eyes be reduced. The head is clear up.

Associate with 5 points, I will needle GB20 which is behind the head to improve blood circulation for the head, relax the mind and relax the head muscles include the nasal muscles, it will help the nasal function and get rid of foggy mind. LI4 , LI11,and LV3 are must needle point on limbs to reduce allergic reaction.

They are also important detoxification point in our body. By needling GB20 will enhance LI4 to expel the invasion of the allergen.

I would like to suggest patient to do acupuncture treatment twice a week when the allergic hit you, you will feel certain symptoms relieve in just one or two sessions, but you must continue with twice a week treatment for about 10 to 12 sessions. Remember acupuncture treatment is not only for symptom relieve, it is for build a healthier and balance constitution, it is for healing.

Those Chinese herbs will enhance the effect of acupuncture treatment and patient will regain the more balanced, stronger and healthier constitution. I prefer to use both modalities for patient in the same time.

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