Acupuncture for High Cholesterol

We have just posted a new YouTube video. Dr. Liang was asked “Which health conditions do you believe acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs will be more successful than western medicine in treating?” Dr. Feng Liang chose to discuss how acupuncture is a much healthier treatment of high cholesterol than the medications Zocor or Lipidor.

Acupuncture for High Cholesterol Video

As Dr. Liang is very pro-western medicine, she explains in the video how both Zocor and Lipidor are typically quite effective at lowering high cholesterol within the first few months. The problem she explains is that after the first few months, these drugs have a very negative impact on a person’s liver.

She goes on to explain one of the central themes of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). That is that TCM addresses health issues from the inside out. Chinese doctors want to find the cause of the illness and treat this so that they can either find a cure or at least provide a better long-term solution.

As applied to high cholesterol, Zocor and Lipidor are not intended to cure this condition. They are intended to lower a person’s cholesterol numbers. However effective these pills are, this comes at a price. Both Zocor and Lipidor damage the liver with long-term use. So when you are treated with acupuncture for high cholesterol, you are not subjecting your body to the dangerous side effects of those prescription pills.

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